Our Technologies

IntelliSLEEP™ harnesses state-of-the-art technology to solve the sleep problems that snatch away good sleep.


Technologies within the IntelliSLEEP family provide sleep solutions from continuous cooling to accelerated healing and recovery, and everything in between. 



naturally cooling & breathable

Intellisleep® NATURALCOMFORT technology utilizes plant-based materials to deliver naturally cooling, comfortable and breathable sleep. Triple certified for quality, safety and sustainability, NATURALCOMFORT products provide eco-friendly sleep solutions.


The patent-pending technology behind IntelliCHILL™ offers unsurpassed cooling by continually drawing heat away from the human body. IntelliCHILL™ is adaptive, which means the hotter a human body is, the greater the cooling effect. 

continuous cooling. deeper sleep

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the most breathable memory foam

Unlike traditional memory foams, which often require ventilation for breathability, our AirMAX® formulation is completely breathable. Sleep in absolute comfort with AirMAX®.

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pressure-activated cooling gel

Air CHILL® combines the breathability of Air MAX®, the cooling of Aqua CHILL™ and the easy-care cool fabric of Active CHILL®. At least 7 times cooler than traditional foam and far more breathable, Air CHILL™ effectively lowers your core body-temperature, lulling you to sleep and keeping you there through the night.

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total bed-bug protection

IntelliSHIELD™ total bed bug protection is an embedded anti-bedbug technology that safely repels bedbugs from the surface of the foam.

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Active CHILL™

cool, easy-care fabric

Active CHILL™ cool, easy-care fabric technology embeds cooling at the core of the fibers for cooling that never washes out.  Cooling threads are engineered to wick away heat and moisture for refreshing, comfortable sleep and brighter, happier mornings.

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pressure-activated cooling gel

At least 7 times cooler than traditional foam, Aqua CHILL™ by DOW is a water-based gel responds to your body pressure and temperature to promote deep, restorative sleep. Effectively lowering your core body-temperature, lulling you to sleep and keeping you there through the night.

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